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As I get older, not quite willing to own “old” just yet, I realize one of the best feelings of the holiday season is spending time with the ones you love and being remembered by friends near and far away. The power of a simple holiday card to bring joy into our home is remarkable. To those who are brave enough to craft a holiday letter — you are a gem of our human experience. I get some pretty cool cards from cool people, but after seeing President G.W. …

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First introduced in 1956, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been so overused in the marketing of modern software, it is hard to know what is real #AI or just a good algorithm. Below are some analytics and technologies that have helped deliver on the promise of human-like intelligence from a computer.

#Correlation analytics is creating a rule based on a pattern.

#Heuristics advances correlation rules with interpretations and algorithms that look for more complex and incomplete patterns.

#MachineLearning is a way for algorithms to get smarter based on what they observe. They use modeling and make data-driven predictions.

#ArtificialNeuralNetworks was a…

Blind Melon, No Rain, 1992 Capitol Records

My grandfather was a backyard beekeeper. I have fond memories of visiting him and his bees. It was always a little nerve-racking and thrilling to open a hive box and help him manage the honey extraction. I will never forget when a bee flew into his truck, and he picked it up by its wings to set it free.

Beyond how much we appreciate honey, the bee does so much more for us on a global ecological scale. The colony collapse disorder of honeybees has a massive impact on the pollination of our plants and flowers. If the bee dies…

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No, not S.J. Sharkie or Brent Burns … I’m referring to the other big fish over at SAP Center in San Jose, CA. I met Jonathan Becher in 2008 during my 12-year tenure at SAP and enjoyed every moment I was able to work with and for him. Jonathan has been the CEO of startups, CMO of SAP, and is currently President of Sharks Sports and Entertainment, the parent organization of the NHL San Jose Sharks, the AHL San Jose Barracuda, the Sharks Ice Network of Ice Center, and the non-profit Sharks Foundation.

I was fortunate to witness first-hand how…

Spaceballs, Mel Brooks, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc

In 1987, Mel Brooks cracked open a fresh can of “Perri-Air” as a comedy bit in Spaceballs.

Thirty-plus years later, as a joke, a ziplock bag of Canadian clean air was sold on eBay in China for $168. That joke turned into a business called “Vitality Air”. Vitality Air sells about $340K a year of canned air. Fun fact, if you only breathed Vitality Air canned air, it would cost ~1.6 million dollars a year. What was once a joke in a movie is now a global business.

It’s not just China buying clean air now — clean air is…

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When we go to the grocery store in California, we now line up down the aisles with 6 feet between shoppers. I’m not sure if it’s the same across the country, but it’s the new normal here. To get in line, you have to look down each aisle to see if the aisle/register is free before you line up and position your cart on a designated spot. This weekend a person jumped into an empty spot a few aisles down from me while I waited. They kept looking at me, above their mask, like they “got one over on me.”

I was driving last night and realized that using your blinker is one of the simplest acts of kindness and leadership. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a more thoughtful leader, a better human in general, and just the simple act of clicking my blinker on (and off) while driving is a good place to start. A recent study by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) showed that over 25% of drivers failed to properly use turn signals when turning, and nearly half of all drivers failed to signal before changing lanes. …

We are the Chief Executive Officers of our lives. (Our homes, however, might be a different story — in my house, I report to the big boss, my wife, with a strong dotted line to the small boss, our dog.) We are each responsible for our own emotions, ethics, and ultimately happiness. But 2020 being what’s it been so far, it often feels like CEO stands for Chief Emergency Officer. And I don’t know about you, but I find it exhausting.

On the Brink of Burnout

According to Christina Maslach, a social psychologist and professor emerita of psychology at the…

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The tech industry has been using the term “disruption” for many years now to describe the effects of digital evolution and law. Whether that disruption is a good or bad thing, and how big an impact it has on you, depends on where you sit. For many companies, the idea of disruption — either creating it or reacting to it — has been a driving force to transform their operations, offerings, investments, and business models. But we are all in the middle of a very different kind of global disruption right now. …

Kanagawa Katsushika Painting

The Forrester New Wave for ABM Platforms, Q2 2020 says B2B marketers like me can use their review to “select the right platform for their ABM needs.” Unfortunately, they’re looking at ABM and the platforms that support it through the wrong lens — unless you’re a unicorn startup that has a limitless budget and no previous investments in martech/CRM. Or, on the flip side, you’re a massive Global 2000 company that has both the budget and staff to take on a herculean effort to integrate yet another platform. I have several problems with this report.

1. Vendor selection and continuity…

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Scott Leatherman, husband, dog father, learning as I go w 20+ years experience as an infrastructure software executive in Silicon Valley (employee @Virtana)

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